Witch Craft Magazine

From Nov. 2015-April 2016, I wrote an advice column forĀ Witch Craft Magazine‘s Sad Spell Blog.

Using a [NSFW] monicker, I wrote creative responses to letters from the afflicted. Taking into consideration the reader’s stated zodiac sign or other esoteric information, I analyzed each dilemma and provided detailed spiritual insight. I conducted careful research into plants, oils, and colors to craft a custom spell for the reader to uncover their truth, overcome a blockage, or protect themselves from psychic harm.

These spells were not approved by the FDA to cure, or treat any disease, nor are they designed to be used against a person’s will or outside their knowledge. Harm to none!

img_1637Witch Craft Magazine

Will yourself to smile, to cry, to laugh, or scream.

Insufferable Pisces


Wanting Words
Three Days in Salem, MA
Dear MTP-Unknown


Stuck In this Web of Love

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