Some Things I Do Well

Copy and Content 

I have produced and proofread marketing copy, including B2B and B2C correspondence, and worked in-house with individuals and organizations using:

  • Microsoft Word
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Constant Contact
  • Adobe
  • Google Docs and DocHub

With clarity a forethought, I draw upon my academic background and years of sales experience to increase brand awareness and customer retention

A graduate of NYU’s Writers Workshop in Paris MFA program, with a B.A. in English from Washington College, I apply academic standards to every project, from research to revision. I know the rules, and I know how (and when) to break them.

Creative Writing

I’ve written and published short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, some of which have survived the shifting sands of time/internet archival. Stay tuned for more. Until then:

Watch me (1:25) speak to a distinguished crowd at Rockville City Hall on October 18th, 2014 about a short story that won first place in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest 

Watch me and my former boss discuss tips for holiday interior design on a live WBALTV segment on Dec. 17th, 2017.

Professional Writing Tutor

In my 8+ years of tutoring writing at the college level, I have de-mystified the writing process for ELL (English Language Learners), and helped students with disabilities to express themselves with clarity and depth. I have also conducted professional consultations with young entrepreneurs and grant-winners, helping individuals at all stages reach their educational and career goals. Read more about this process and my current availability.

In a Nutshell

Don’t be shy! Reach out.

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