Architecture and the Zen of Moving

No one likes moving, myself included. You realize how much crap you’re living with, have been living with. I’ve been addressing the situation for the last six months, a la The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (who my mother thinks is totally crazy). Even so, it always sneaks up on you right when you look up and it’s the middle of the month already.

Moving is a drag, but change is invigorating. Because when you let old things go out the door, you invite new things to your doorstep.

I always get something like a psychic bat signal in the sky telling me when it’s time to move on. And based on all the pleasure I’m getting from my new living and working quarters, I’d say intuition is queen.

Maybe it sounds crazy, but I have always wanted to live in a big, old house with lots of secrets. I blame my Halloween birthday/Scorpio sign, plus all the Goosebumps I read and Twilight Zones I watched as a child.

But seriously, look at this gorgeous house in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ornamental detailing is a lost lost art, and for shame. Molded plaster. Glass doorknobs. Moving shadows. Beveled wood and time-faded pastoral scenes. This is where I’ll be living, along with seven other active artists and makers. And this is where I will be wordsmithing, working with clients around the world to produce vibrant copy, and coaxing my inspiration for creative work.


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