Baltimore Arts!

I’m lucky to know some people working constantly to improve the lives of Baltimoreans through art exposure. Section 1, for example, is developing an urban art park with outdoor exhibits and events, and I was asked recently to copyedit a proposal for an exhibition, Roots/Raices (sic): Cultural Exchange. Check out their website to see all their partnerships and projects!

Environmentalists here are also looking to innovate the way we interact with our environment and our food sources. To that end, Modernature is an organization that grows and provides education on the simple nutritive power of microgreens. I love what they’ve been doing recently with the kids at 901 Arts, and I was happy to be asked to proofread their latest proposal.

I like to use these organizations as examples of how seriously millennials are taking the future, how they are responding to looming climate disaster and racial segregation in positive, constructive, and proactive ways. Especially in a small, diverse city, art is a unifying language that can encourage us all to expand our vision of the future and challenge our beliefs about each other.


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