New Kid.

I had a blog when I was 15 called “Ripped Jeans and Soda Pop” wherein I lampooned and decried my woeful teenage plight. Then everyone left Blogger and LiveJournal became the thing. So I went over there to read about my friends’ lives as it happened to them until that became Facebook’s domain. It’s strange to talk about oneself–I am more of an artist than a self-promoter. I am not sure I want to “brand” myself, (it sounds painful) but if I did, I imagine I would have a snarky and witchy avatar. I was born in Washington, D.C. the day after Halloween, after all.

Everything on here is pretty familiar in terms of my experience with Blogger and LJ, but with way more options to explore! I’m hoping to show future employers that I have the initiative and hutzpah to learn content management on my own, and that I am brimming with talent and drive.

I’ll use this space to post updates on my progression as a writer, publications and appearances, as well as relevant articles about the writing or creative process. I may even wax poetic from time to time, so look sharp.

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