About the Author

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I am, and am not, totally serious about what I do.

As a graduate of NYU’s Writers Workshop in Paris MFA program with a B.A. in English from Washington College, I apply academic standards to every project, from research to revision. I know the rules (for the most part), and I know how (and when) to break them. Language is a fluid organism, and it is my job to keep up to date with the latest evolutions.

I have worked in-house and freelance for small, local, and international companies to increase brand awareness and customer retention. This has sometimes involved drafting salty correspondence between international fine art dealers and brokers, and visiting client homes with a happy hour bottle of wine.

I’m also a witchy, feminist, Francophile pianist, a world-traveler with a love of cats, comedy, and DIY culture. Anachronistic to the bone, I locate the best vintage shops in every city I visit. My inner monologue is a cross between Frasier and Mae West.

Don’t be shy! (I’m not.)


Reach out to me if you or your company need:

Content Creation

A writing tutor

I’ve written and published short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, some of which have survived the shifting sands of time/internet archival. Stay tuned for more.

Watch me gesture awkwardly and talk about interior design on a live WBAL segment on on Dec. 17th, 2017.

Watch me (1:25) speak about a short story that won me first place in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival Short Story Contest  to a distinguished crowd at Rockville City Hall on October 18th, 2014.